Trish is an artist, teacher, writer and mother. She is best known for her oil and acrylic paintings of pelicans, birch trees and polar bears. Trish has always been a painter and a drawer. Art has always been a big part of the fabric of her life. Her painting expresses what words cannot. She honed her art skills while studying fine arts at the University of Manitoba. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts honours program in 1994. At this time she moved to London, England to work as an artist and travel. She returned to Canada a number of years later. In 1999 she completed her Bachelors of Education (After Degree) she works as an early year’s teacher in Winnipeg. During the spring and summer months Trish works out of her art shed at Victoria Beach and during the winter months she creates in her home studio. She sells her work from her Etsy shop Arttimebytrish.

Trish uses a variety of art media when creating art including pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and oil paint. The environment and nature play an important role in her art work. Trish is very passionate about the environment and Lake Winnipeg. Her love for Lake Winnipeg has been a primary area of inspiration in her artwork for the past many years. Her goal is to evoke a sense of beauty for the natural environment through her work. Trish finds inspiration from nature around her and also from her travels.

Throughout the summer, she can be found sketching and finding sources of inspiration along the shores of Lake Winnipeg at Victoria Beach or in the back yard of her cottage at her painting easel. She is captivated by the way light plays off of the birch trees, pelicans, snowy owls and polar bears which have been her main subjects of inspiration. She chooses her subjects based on the interesting shadows and light. While planning her art piece she creates a relationship between the viewer and the main subject of art through composition, shape and form.

While painting, she uses a variety of layers of short and long brush strokes to express how light and shadow plays off her subjects. Her strong sense of colour is created by the layers of paint she uses and creates richness, warmth and depth in her art pieces. Trish’s art can be found in private collections throughout North America. Her work can be see on Instagram at @trishsartshed or on facebook at trishsartshed