Trish Richardson’s artwork reflects her passion and love for nature and the environment. Inspiration for her artwork ultimately comes from nature around her and from her travels. She did not start out as a wildlife or nature artist but, because of her love of Lake Winnipeg over the years her artwork has evolved to include wildlife and nature. Her main forms of inspiration have recently been the pelican, birds, fox, the polar bear, and birch trees. Her images are often chosen by the captivating way light plays off and illuminates the beauty and shapes of the subject. While planning and creating her art pieces she likes to create a relationship and a connection between the viewer and the main subject of art through composition, light, shape, and form. Her focus when creating a piece is evoking an emotion, a connection, and a deeper sense of the environmental image. She uses a variety of art media when creating art including pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and oil paint. Surrounding herself in art is one of her greatest joys. She loves to take her favourite paintings and drawings and has them printed on different fabrics, woods, and other materials. She has created a variety of products such as bags, carry-all’s, and pillows with her art on it so that her collectors can layer their art and carry it with them everywhere. Art has always been a part of the fabric of her life and sharing her art in multiple ways has become an important part of her creative process. Trish Richardson graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree. She is also a teacher, writer, and mother. More about Trish Richardson’s art and journey as an artist is available at

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