August 15, 2020  – 10am to 5pm
August 16, 2020 – 10am to 4pm

Creativity runs deep in Eastern Manitoba and inspiration flows at every turn. From the surreal east shore beaches of Lake Winnipeg, through the Winnipeg River System to the rugged lake country of the Whiteshell, join us on a tour of art and landscapes as artists across this beautiful region open their homes and studios to share their world with you.

In 2019, over 700 people traveled on the Boreal Shores Art Tour route making an average of 6 stops each.    There were 38 artists located at 22 stops with 5 group locations spread along the way.   Many people made it to every stop – an accomplishment that can only be done by devoting the entire weekend to driving the route!

The artists sold just under $40,000 worth of art on those 2 days and we know that art was going to all over Canada as well as the UK, Germany, France and USA.   Less than half of our visitors were from the Eastman region itself while the rest came from all parts of Manitoba as well as every province from BC to Quebec and the Maritimes.

Tour goers bought 63 tanks of gas, ate 154 meals and paid for 10 overnight accommodations during the Tour.    It  was a good day for the businesses of the Eastman region as well as for the artists.

2020 promises to be even better ! Many artists from last year are returning and we have applications coming in now from new ones in new locations .