We, the organizers and artists of the Boreal Shores Art Tour, are so very grateful for the many supporters and sponsors that have joined with us to help launch this fourth tour of art, artists, and land in the Eastern Region of Manitoba on the edge of the Canadian Shield.

We have always known that the area, drenched with beauty in the land, was also  bubbling with interesting and talented artists who were drawn here and now make it their home. Now we invite the world to experience all that we have to offer and to “Immerse Yourself in our World”!

This would not be possible without the generous support and encouragement from you, our Supporters and Sponsor , who have seen our vision and have passionately supported us in deep-rooted ways. We look forward to sharing the journey with you…..

Thank you all!


PLATINUM LEVEL: $1000 and above:

RM of Alexander

GOLD  LEVEL: $500- $1000:

RM of St Clements

RM of Lac du Bonnet

SILVER LEVEL $200 – $500

BRONZE LEVEL up to- $200

True North Sports

Grizzly Transport



W.B. Lewis Business Centre for Venue in Pinawa

Winnipeg River Heritage Museum for venue in St. Georges

George Tanner Graphic Arts