These are the many interesting artists who will be found in the 2023 Boreal Shores Art Tour. Feel free to browse and enjoy!
(Click on each name to explore their bios and work.)

For a photo gallery of some of the artists in action please scroll down:

Alan Adamson

Kathleen Black

Rhian Brynjolson

Herb Burlock

Amy Caldwell

Gordon Campbell

Mary Louise Chown

Jamie Christie

Rick Cline

Anita Schewe Drabyk

Lian Zhou Jing Drabyk

Jane Gateson

Roger Gateson

Krista Gibson

Denise Gray

Jamie Hogaboam

Janis Hughes

Stu Iverson

Chris Johnson

Susan Korstrom

Francine Labrosse

Barb Metrycki

Judy LeRoye

Dianne Lund

Marilyn McNish

Elowen Megan

Karly Owens

Kimora Page

Bernice Phillips

Pinawa Art Gallery

Pat Shandroski

Diane Silverthorne

George Tanner