Welcome to the many interesting artists who will participate in the 2020 Boreal Shores Art Tour. Each artist has submitted an application along with a minimum of 5 images of their work.   An independent jury has assessed each application to ensure the quality of the work is such that the public will enjoy and appreciate the talent being presented.   Feel free to browse and enjoy!

Please check back often. This page will be updated as artists are accepted and added to the 2020 tour.

Simone Hébert Allard
Nancy-Lou Ateah
Cindy Baron
Audrey Batchelor
Janine Bergamot
Arlene Bohn
Gordon Boyd
Diane Bruyere
Rhian Brynjolson
Herb Burlock
Janice Charko
Mary Louise Chown
Rick Cline
Anita Schewe Drabyk
Lian Drabyk
Demi-Raine Enns
Eleonore Esau
Jane Gateson
Roger Gateson
Pamela Habing
Jamie Hogaboam
Stu Iverson
Margaret Korlak
Shirley Kurian
Roberta Laliberté
Bill Nitzsche
Patrick LeMadec
Judy LeRoye
Dianne Lund
Marilyn McNish
Trish Richardson Mason
Brigid Meakin
Barb Metrycki
Bernice Phillips
Pinawa Art Gallery
Shannon Pinkoski
Barbara Pritchard
Robert Scurfield
Pat Shandroski
Charles & Judy Shepard
Diane Silverthorne
Susan Sullivan
George Tanner
Tanis Thomas
Roy Ward