The Tour:

The Boreal Shores Art Tour started out in 2017 as the largest visual art tour in Manitoba, growing even more in 2018 and 2019 with more artists, venues, and special features! 2020 and 2021 saw COVID hit and the tour had to be postponed, but 2022 promises to be a welcome event for both artists and tour goers alike. We are excited to be back!
-The Tour is designed to be a self-guided and features artists throughout Eastern Manitoba located in both studio and group locations. You can start and end anywhere along the tour. We offer a handy full-colour, professional brochure to help you make decisions of who to see, where to go, and directions for how  to get there.
-Tour Passports are available at each location for you to pick up, have stamped at each stop, and put in an entry bin at your last stop for an opportunity to win a draw for some great prizes!
-Art originals, prints, and products are available for purchase throughout the tour. 

The Organizers:

A dedicated and visionary group of people organize the tour each year – people with a passion for artistic development beyond their own work and a desire to expose the world to all that Eastern Manitoba has to offer in the way of beauty, tourism, lifestyle, and especially ART! There is a wealth of opportunity available in this part of Manitoba for artists and art lovers alike and we are proud to be a part of it and help develop it. If you are interested in participating in the tour by volunteering or participating as an artist, email us at [email protected]

The Artists:

The artists that participate in the Tour are all local – living in the area full time, seasonally, or something in between. Artists’ work must be original and they are required to submit examples to a group of judges prior to being accepted. On the Tour you will find hidden-gem artists that are just emerging to artists that are well established and notable. All of our artists are talented and have their own unique style.

The Support:

Many local businesses, municipalities, arts and government organizations have understood the value of this tour and have supported us along the way. We are deeply grateful! Please see our Supporters page for the full list and take time to drop in by our terrific local establishments on the tour weekend and beyond. 

The Patrons:

What would we do without you?? Nothing is more exciting for us than to have people who are equally excited about ART come and visit us!!
-You may be an expert in all things art, having studied it in University and able to answer every Jeopardy question on the topic…… Or you may be a complete novice, not knowing an oil from a watercolour, or a thrown pot from a sculpture…. a weaving from a felting….
-You may have some change set aside to purchase an art card….. Or a stash put away for that perfect piece for your wall, or coffee table, or closet…
-You may be a new artist who wants to see what other work is out there and pick up a few tips…. Or a fine artist who is willing to give us some…
-You may be a couple, or friends who want to get away from the kids for a day (or a weekend)…. Or you may have extra time to kill with the in-laws that are staying with you…
Whoever you are…..We love you all! We welcome you all!!

Come and see what we have to offer!


Pictures from 2019 Tour:

The artists in the 2019 Tour were challenged to create a spiral themed work.  The public were asked to vote for their People’s Choice of the  Spiral works – one winner for each of the 3 regions – North, Central and South.    The top row of photos shows the 3 winners.    Underneath are more photos taken during the 2019 Tour weekend: