Creative was not a word I used to describe myself during my working years. I have a Commerce degree, I’m a Certified Management Accountant and with my husband, owned and managed a medical software company for 16 years. All very much inside the box!

In 2008, at age 57, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I lost my hair. So, I started sewing fleece hats for myself as well as for a few other women in the same boat. The hats were fun – a fabulous purple cloche with a huge flower on one side, a jaunty French style beret with an ivory pin on the front, a Jackie Kennedy pill box and a bright red & black checked cap. When it was all over I gave them all to the Guardian Angel room at CancerCare for others to use. I was done with cancer and I was done with hats – or so I thought!

But the colours and the flowers had resonated with me and I dabbled with various fibre creations leading me to silk fusion and wet felting. I quickly realized that felting was my passion.

I love to work a soft mound of fluffy wool into felt. I have sandwiched lace into raw wool so that, once felted, it hangs like a flirty lace party dress on the outside of a bag or adds grace to a shawl. My felted wool cloche hats are popular items these days with fabulous embellishments on the side. I have come full circle back to hats and I’m colouring outside the lines!!