I have been taking pictures as long as I can remember, progressing from a black and white darkroom I built as a teenager to my present digital color “darkroom”. I shoot mainly nature and scenics in the SE Manitoba region. Sometimes my travels take me across Canada or even further to other parts of the world. I especially enjoy the “wild places” where the intrusion of humans is less evident.

I strive for pictures that show an aspect of something that would be only rarely or never visible to the observer. Examples of this are unusual weather or lighting conditions, motion of clouds or water and photos of live insects and butterflies in the field showing them in more detail than can be seen with the naked eye. Some of my recent photography is less literal than previous work and I continue to explore in that direction.

I enjoy attending photography workshops and reading widely to learn new techniques to further develop and refine my skill and vision.

My work is available at the Pinawa Art Gallery, and has been well received at judged art shows and competitions such as The Red River Photo Exhibition.