Anita Schewe Drabyk’s interest in art, nature and farming started on a farm with nature all around. She enjoyed photography, watercolours and various other painting media. The small details in nature were interesting – parts or close-ups of the flowers, trees and wildlife. Her grandmother started her career in painting in pottery in her 70s and she did so much in the next 20 years of her life only slowing down in her 90s. Her parents and grandparents all lived in farming areas or in boreal shield country. So it is not surprising that almost all her art and photography follows these early examples. Even before that, a great aunt nurtured the families’ art by buying art supplies.

Anita has taken and taught courses in photography and art including two years in the international school system. I continue to do a bit of both with teachers and students as sources of inspiration.

She says that I am still definitely a ‘prairie’ person who focuses on the stability of colours, landscapes and textures.”