Payment Details

    This section is for all artists who will be participating in the Boreal Shores Art Tour.

    I agree to the use of images submitted by me for Boreal Shores Art Tour promotion.
    I choose to pay:
    $125 flat rate fee, or$90 now, plus 10% of sales up to an additional $65 at the close of the BSAT weekend

    Please indicate how you would like to pay for your participation in the Boreal Shores Art Tour. Note: You will be directed to our online payment portal once you click send. If you are paying by cheque, or e-Transfer, you can simply close the payment option window and mail your cheque. If you are paying online now, please fill out the payment information when the payment window opens. You do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card.

    I will pay online nowI will send an e-Transfer to [email protected]I will mail a cheque made payable to Boreal Shores Art Tour within a week of acceptance. (Cheques can be mailed to Box 611, Lac du Bonnet MB R0E 1A0).

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