Bernice was a quiet child who spent a lot of time on her own, her love of
nature kept her busy. As an adult, she tried many different art mediums such
as pottery, ceramics, flowering arranging and stained glass. Then one day she
took a workshop in painting and was hooked. Since then she has painted
everything she can get her hands on including wood, glass, plastic, canvas,
tile, paper and furniture. Most of Bernice’s art is done with acrylics, but
she also enjoys watercolours and airbrushing. One of her new mediums uses a
special glass based texture medium, which you can create unique floral
designs with added depth and beauty.
It is through her love of nature that Bernice draws inspiration. She looks
to see how things grow and this influences her brush strokes. This interest
in nature is reflected in her art pieces, many featuring flowers, woodland
scenes and animals. Bernice is now creating custom paintings onto lighted
glass blocks. She enjoys the transformation of images from photos of family
homes and cottages.
“I’m grateful to my family and friends who have supported me in my art. Also, I
am thankful to live in this area of beauty and every changing scenery that
is all inspiring.”