Works by the Late Robert Kost 1936-2003

Grace Kost, wife of the well-known Manitoba artist Robert Kost, will graciously open her home to the public during the Boreal Shores Art Tour for viewing and sale of selected original artwork, and limited edition prints created by her late husband.

Included in this collection, for the first public viewing, will be an image of his Grandson Lucas at Grand Beach. This was her husband’s last painting completed just before his passing. Over the years Robert had exhibited his work throughout Canada and the USA, and it can be found in many private and public collections including the Government of Canada.

Robert was a self-taught painter whose early influence was the Group of Seven, & the French Impressionistic. Later, his love of the area and landscape of his childhood changed his style and subjects of work.
His later work portrays prairie life, landscapes of the prairies and Precambrian shield and views of Lake Winnipeg.

Robert would paint only what he felt like painting. He never took commissions or compromised his integrity for a sale. In the painting “Marigolds” he painted a dead fly on the window sill. He had a buyer who was willing to pay him several thousand dollars if he would paint out the fly. He refused.

Robert would only show his best work. He would not allow a painting that he was not completely satisfied with to be viewed. Grace tells of the countless number of paintings her husband destroyed over the years, by burning them in the backyard fire pit.
Grace welcomes your visit during the Boreal Shores Art Tour and by appointment other times.