Jamie Christie is an artist and art instructor who enjoys dog sledding, dancing, astrology and anything that gets her outdoors and connected to the land. Working in a variety of media Jamie’s art is inspired by the natural cycles of the universe, life and the breathtaking beauty around her. Weaving together a mix of acrylic, collage and flora her latest work explores the transformation that she has gone through during and in the wake of the pandemic. Fortunate enough to have lived and traveled to some of the most beautiful areas on Earth she is in continuous awe of the splendor of this world and feels in constant connection to the divine. Pursing joy, passion and authenticity has forced her to take risks in both life and art. She hopes to be a conduit for love opening the door for magic and channeling it into her work and daily practice. New to the Boreal Shores Art Tour she is excited to share her art with the community.