Jamie is a realism painter who works in acrylics. Jamie was born in California in 1965 to Canadian parents. He and his family moved back to Winnipeg in 1966, where he has spent most of his life. Jamie always dabbled with paint since a young child, but didn’t attempt a career in painting until 2001. He began painting sports figures like he had done as a young child, and was accepted in the Artbeat Studio program in 2007, where he began to experiment with other subjects like landscapes and nudes. After receiving a grant from the Manitoba Art Council he spent 7 weeks in a tent at Grand Beach in 2008 painting and photographing the area. He fell in love with the East Beaches of Lake Winnipeg and Boreal Forest, and spent the next 5 summers working at the parking lot at Victoria Beach, to continue his art of the area. Jamie has been nicknamed “Neptune” for his ability to capture water. Jamie was homeless from 2014-16 after he experienced a breakdown, and sold his art on the street corner to survive, where Mark Chipman on CEO of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club recognized Jamie’s abilities and commissioned Jamie to paint portraits of all the Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame inductees. With the help of the Jets and friendships he made at Victoria Beach he was able to move there and focus on his art and his career.

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