Jamie was born in California in 1965, to Manitoba parents, they returned to Winnipeg in 1966. He started his career in 2001, by first painting a portrait of Canadian Gold medalists of David Pelletier and Jamie Sale. He continued painting sports figures, mainly hockey and football. This passion began at age 9 when Jamie drew a hockey goal target with pencil crayons of NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Rogie Vachon on a large piece of cardboard.

His portraits got him an internship, at Artbeat Studios, a mental health recovery program. While there he began painting landscapes, and nudes. Upon receiving a grant form the Manitoba Arts Council, Jamie appeared on Lake Winnipeg to create landscapes. From there he found his way to continue to paint landscapes, and found himself moving to Victoria Beach in 2020 after spending 5 years being homeless following a breakdown.

While homeless, he sold his work on the street corner and at Upbeat Art Works in Portage Place. He was discovered by Winipeg Jets CEO Mark Chipman, and was asked to paint a series of portraits of the members of the Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame.

Jamie works with acrylics and produces hype-realism. His work has found it’s way around the globe. To places like Scotland, Hungary, the USA, and even Afghanistan. He sold a painting of US College Football Hall of Fame coach, Bobby Bowden of Florida State University. It was sold and auctioned off as fund raiser for Christian athletes where coach Bowden was the guest speaker in Adel, Georgia. His first commission was of Winnipeg Blue Bomber great Bob Cameron, gifted to Cameron during his Bomber Hall of Fame induction.

Jamie continues his pursuit as a successful artist, while still struggling with his mental illness. “It’s an ongoing battle suffering with depression and anxiety, caused by borderline personality disorder. I’ve taken a lot of emotional hits over 59 years, starting with the loss of my father at 2 years old, and bullying in school. You get knocked down and get back up, but after a while the traumatic experiences of your life catch up with you and you crash.”

He continues to explore other forms of art. Experimenting in abstract painting, and sand sculpture.

Facebook: Hoagie Art Works
Instagram: Hoagie Art