Jane paints in her veranda in the Boreal Forest near Lake Winnipeg. She also paints at a Winnipeg retreat centre on the Assiniboine River.

Every day nature teaches about relationships and the cycle of life and these life lessons inform Jane’s art. Spring with new green leaves fluttering on the poplar, a summer sun sparkling on water, a crow snatching a baby bunny, an ant colony, star diamonds set in silent deep indigo blue, a coyote chasing deer through deep snow, a spring mud puddle. Whatever her subject matter, landscapes, abstracts, houses, the family pet…her internalized observations of the passing days, the drama of the unseen and unsayable, become her painted words.

For Jane, a good day in the studio is lots of paint and ideas and the muse right there at hand. The truth is that most days are both fulfilling and challenging. Days in the studio can range from periods of energy, purpose and satisfaction to days of just general mucking about with what seems like little progress. Like the seasons there are times of growth and times of rest, watching attentively and waiting for something new to be born.

Jane makes both abstract and semi abstract art, using acrylics, cold wax/oil paint, and mixed media.

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Instagram: Gateson Jane