Judy’s love of beading comes from her roots, and passion for creating designs that reflect her love of nature.   With crystals and glass beads she captures light and color in her jewelry.   Her many years of watching, in awe, the true art of beading in her Northern Manitoba community, she was inspired to learn the art of beading. Judy began her bead work as a young girl on a handmade loom her Father crafted out of painted white plywood and bed springs.  She learned very quickly how, to bring beads and light to life.  One of her first commissioned pieces at the age of 14 was to the local Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment in Grand Rapids Manitoba.   It was a Black and Yellow RCMP banner with long and lanky fringes down the sides.

She became passionate about creating designs that truly tell a story where some pieces are even given a name.  Midnight Lace and The Copper Penny were a couple of named favorites.     Each piece of jewelry is created with a small piece of her heart and made to share with everyone. 

It is in her Pine Falls cozy sun room which is decorated in soft yellows and greens surrounded by her jars and jars of beads life is at its best.  Much joy is found with the young in here who express an interest in creating.   With much joy Judy is willing to teach and share her craft and has inspired a new generation of designers.

Facebook: JJDesigns