Marilyn McNish 2017


Marilyn McNish was born in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada
Following many years in the corporate environment, semi-retirement finally provided Marilyn the freedom to focus on her true passion for art and a new art career. As the paint brush, has always been her friend, it wasn’t until the early months of 2012 that she became committed to pursue her passion to become recognized as an accomplished artist.

Marilyn is a contemporary realistic painter, who paints from either memory, photograph or in some cases a collage of two or three photographs to resemble the composition she wants to portray to the viewer.

Yearly she participates at the Manitoba Art Expo, located at the Assiniboine Downs in Winnipeg Manitoba with many other recognized Manitoba artists. This year her painting “Forest Path” received the “Peoples Choice” recognition at the Lac du Bonnet Fire and Music Festival and the “Flute Player” received recognition as an insert for the Multi-faith calendar as well as a solo page in the Women in Art 278 magazine.
During her first year at the Manitoba Art Expo, organizers had a special gallery theme for human rights. All artists were asked to come out of their comfort zone and paint a piece that reflect a topic relating to human rights. Marilyn chose the subject of missing children. She completed a video and painted a scene with an eerie foggy background and two swings on an old oak tree. The fog represented the truth hidden by political greed. The swings represented the missing children from residential schools and the holocaust. A very moving and disturbing subject as all topics under the human rights umbrella.
Marilyn teaches art classes from her home for children to mature students every year. Her students are thrilled to have someone in a remote area that will convey experience, lessons learned as well as her passion for art. Marilyn’s background in corporate management saw training staff a constant evolution. She shows the same beliefs for teaching art, whereby knowledge should be transitioned to others for expression of themselves as well as passing on best practices.
She has produced several commissioned works of art for private individuals as well as placed many artwork pieces in client’s homes, businesses and corporations.
Her subjects and interests vary, allowing Marilyn to paint many interesting compositions which she feels diversifies and challenges her skills. Her artistic themes include local wilderness, prairie vistas, farmyard animals, birds, flowers, trees, winter scenes, wildlife, boats, planes, beaches, oceans, images from her travels, and various illustrations intended to evoke thought and contemplation
She’s thrilled when the viewer and or purchaser sees a “reflective,” moment or more importantly has a strong connection from their own past for her artwork. As the world, can be a sad place sometimes, her artwork intends to capture the spirit of beauty, soulfulness, and euphoria within our realistic world.
Marilyn works from her home at 5 McNish Lane, Manigotagan, Manitoba, Canada.
Her phone number is 204.363.7482.