As far back as I can remember, I’ve always drawn and painted. I taught school for many years in Winnipeg and also toured with the Manitoba Arts Council “Artist–in–Schools “ Program. After graduating from Fine Arts in 1994, I had my first solo exhibition, an art installation titled “The Skin Of This Planet”, shown in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Inuvik, NWT and more recently, in our magnificent barn at River Hills Farm & Apiary. My main art form for the last 25 years has been storytelling, but since moving to our farm near River Hills, I have been able to return to drawing and painting.
Recently, I published my first book about working in healthcare titled NOW I KNOW THE WORLD IS ROUND: Stories At the End of Life.
Lately I have been experimenting with cold wax and beeswax in my artwork. This has also renewed my interest in traditional batik, an art form that I have returned to with some modifications. I often use collage in my mixed media work as well, so all of the art pieces featured in this show are varied. Visual art and storytelling both use imagery and metaphor to express the beauty and variety of the world we live in and our deepest hopes and cares. Through my art, I am really exploring the world we live in with all of its beauty and mystery.

Mary Louise is available by appointment if you would like to see her art:

Website: Mary Louise Chown
Phone: 204 510 0693