I paint from the heart….it is a passion for me. For many years I have painted traditional paintings in various mediums…but mostly in watercolour. I love the way the paint explodes on paper when it is combined with water….and the beautiful, glowing colours you can achieve with them. The subjects have been beach scenes and nature scenes along with commission pieces. But this past year I have been taking a new and exciting path…into experimenting with contemporary art. Semi abstract and abstract shapes using inks and metallics. They have been popular so I will continue to pursue this direction.

Larger pieces and diptyches and triptychs are also in my collection. Come and visit me on the tour and let me know what you think!

Teaching art workshops and classes is very rewarding for me. Inspiring people to find and explore their creativity. I teach adults and children classes.

For more info see my Facebook page Nancy-Lou Ateah Art. Or send me a personal message or email and I will add you to my mailing list for class information.

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