Natalie Rogers began painting at the age of 13 in the basement of a senior’s club in Hanmer Ontario. Over the years, Natalie has developed her own technique; which is inspired by nature. She enjoys hiking and canoeing as it gives her a chance to observe the beauty of Southern Manitoba and Northern Ontario. Natalie is known to use the alias, NWoo on all of her artwork. NWoo is a combination of her initials (maiden name Whitwell) followed by the year 00.

In 2000, she underwent a significant change in style that has continued forward to the present day. Those who did not have the pleasure of knowing Natalie in 2000 would ask her who was NWoo when looking at her paintings. As a result, she decided to keep the name to honour her past.

Aside from painting and raising her children, Alice and Xavier, Natalie volunteers many hours to the Whiteshell Community Club and has in the past hosted Kid’s Art Classes during the summer months. She is committed to making Falcon Lake a better place for permanent and seasonal residents.

Natalie’s great grandfather, William Harry Whitwell, was an amazing painter who donated many of his paintings to hospitals and clinics across Canada. Just like Natalie, he spent years perfecting his technique. Despite having never met him, Natalie finds his commitment inspirational. Currently, she finds the greatest satisfaction in her “fandom” pieces which are creations inspired by books she has read and those she has written. In addition to fandom art, Natalie enjoys painting landscapes and abstracts.