I consider myself a mixed media artist and am currently focused on alcohol inks and acrylic paints and sometimes blending the two together. I paint on canvas, ceramic, glass, metal, and Yupo paper mostly but am known for fearlessly experimenting with other mediums.

I find freedom and personal expression with abstraction and am deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. I am forever fascinated by what others see in the abstraction of my work, the variety of responses delights me.

When I create I begin by getting myself into a calm, relaxed place and saying a prayer for guidance. I then surrender to the process. From there, the paint tells its own story and the movements unfold with expanding forms that blend one into the next. I am often just as surprised as my viewers when I see my finished creations, often feeling as though someone else painted it.

Ever the curious, I am not one to shy away from new mediums, techniques or styles. Most recently I have found great joy in bringing older pieces back to life by adding embellishments, defining lines and sealing my artwork in resin. This new series is called “Romancing the Ordinary” and can be viewed on my Instagram account, @pamelahabingart.

My art is available for purchase as originals, prints and on a variety of lifestyle products including Yoga mats, blankets, shower curtains and scarves.

Website: Pamela Habing
Facebook: Pamela Habing Art
Instagram: Pamela Habing Art