Winnipeg-born Rachelle Diddens says art was always a part of her life. It was with reclaimed Zinc sheets that Rachelle began developing the unique type of substrate that anchors her current work. The edges are folded back to form a ready-to-hang frame that is integral with the surface. Then she paints directly onto the porous metal surface. Rachelle’s painting is abstract. There are repeated, recognizable elements that diagram myriad units which are all different but, in the wider scheme, largely the same – in connection with each other, but also broken and separated. These, she says, can be read as an allegory for the interrelationships of people within our system. I love music, exercise, and art. I am empathetic and care deeply about how people connect and live together. We survive by spreading kindness.

All of my Art is original, the substrate is Zinc (metal). Zn is found at number 30 on the periodic table of elements and is one of the most common elements in the earth’s crust. It is a lustrous element that is found in air, soil and water. It is present in all foods, possess’ natural self-healing properties and tends to have a bluish silver appearance. Zinc is now often utilized in a wide array of modern day utility applications such as hot dip galvanizing and corrosion-resistant metal plating. For this reason zinc is also used outdoors and commonly found in conventional waterproofing and flashing applications. The creative process begins with .22 gauge pre-patina zinc metal sheets originating from Germany in 1M sheets which then get cut, bent and hemmed to the specified sizes followed by the application of paints & oils.  For regular care & maintenance of the artwork simply use a dry soft bristle paint brush or compressed air to clear away any dust.