Rhian Brynjolson is a visual artist, book illustrator, author, and art educator. She is the author of Teaching Art: a Complete Guide for the Classroom, and has illustrated fifteen children’s books, including three books in 2022: The Gift of the Little People and Amō’s Sapotawan, written by William Dumas and published by HighWater Press, and The Girl in the Clock, a book of poetry by Gerry Wolfram, and published by RackaTackaSacka Books. Rhian has exhibited her work in diverse venues, and has worked with the River on the Run artist collective, making and performing art to raise awareness of environmental concerns affecting the Lake Winnipeg watershed. She has also collaborated with scientists and engineers from Global Water Futures, using visual art to communicate research on permafrost thaw in Canada’s north. Rhian lives and hikes in Treaty 3 Territory, in the boreal forest in eastern Manitoba. Her work can be viewed at http://www.rhianbrynjolson.com and at the Virtual Water Gallery, http://www.virtualwatergallery.ca/life-support.