Richard (Rick) Cline has a artistic respect for nature and the landscape we live in. He grew up in a small town in south central Manitoba, Glenboro. Rick’s mom started his interest in art at a young age and she gave him the gift of an artistic hand.

Rick worked as a Conservation Officer (Game Warden) for over thirty years living in all areas of Manitoba including Riverton, Lynn Lake, Gillam, and Virden. This provided Rick with an understanding of wilderness, wildlife, and nature. Rick lives in Seven Sisters Falls now with his wife Heather

Rick’s art has developed in his retirement over the past fifteen years with classes, lectures from some great artists, and a supportive art community. He enjoys sharing with other artists by attending shows and participating with art groups. The Boreal Shores Art Tour has been an experience that allows art enthusiasts to come together and share expertise. He has been able to sell his art through shows and many commissions from interested art lovers throughout North America. Rick enjoys art that shows a natural realistic image of the work being created. Through his art, he hopes to demonstrate to others the unique beauty of nature that he has been fortunate to experience and hold dear. His greatest notion is that after a career outdoors he now sees nature so much clearer as a result of his studying art. Rick’s attention to detail with his respect and love of the natural world is displayed in each of his paintings.

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