Photography is the medium Richard has chosen for his artistic expression. Over the years he has studied and experimented with painting, print making, sculpting and woodworking but it is always photography that he returns to. Richard has a degree in psychology and fine arts and a teaching degree. Having retired from education he continues to pursue his passion for photography. Many photography workshops, books, videos and classes have helped him hone his skills in capturing quality images.

He began taking photographs at age 7 on a trip to Washington D.C. to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. Over 60 years later he still enjoys photographing flowers blooming in spring. His interests don’t stop there though as he loves travel photography, wildlife, landscapes, waterscapes and portraiture.

Over the years his photography has evolved as has Richard’s skill as a photographer. His camera, now digital, has become an extension of himself and his personality. His subject matter hasn’t changed all that much but his interests have. Today he endeavours to find just the right light and camera angle to express the feeling the scene or subject matter evokes in him. Join him on the tour for a glimpse of his images and a discussion about photography along the boreal shores of eastern Manitoba.