During my working career as a teacher of English I discovered a particular pleasure in set designing and decoration for drama productions.

I studied at Forum Art under Nikola Bjelajac 2000-2003; Dan Gregg – 2004
Michelle St. Hilaire – 2015.

Recently I have been exploring various subjects and styles from realism to impressionism to abstraction in my home studios in Winnipeg and at Victoria Beach. Simplified, stylistic linear design has been most satisfying of late.

Painting has become much more than a pastime; it has become a part of me, a part of the world I live and move in. Art galleries have become must –see destinations in all our travels.

Art is a lens through which to see and appreciate the world and it is, for me, a way to communicate my own experience of it.

I am in awe of the beauty and variety of both natural and man-made environments.

My painting offers an opportunity to share my enjoyment of design and color and is a vehicle for sharing observations on nature, society, and life itself.

The Boreal Forest and Lake Winnipeg provide inspiration both by offering many varied and beautiful natural settings as subject matter, and by eliciting emotional responses, which it is my joy to share with others.

I have shown and sold work at in-home art shows, at Forum Art Student Exhibitions, and at the Wayne Arthur Gallery and for the last 2 years at Flip Flop Studios on the Boreal Shores Art Tour.

My current goal is to further develop and refine my technique in order to express more clearly and share more widely my sense of wonder at the great beauty and complexity of our world and the challenges facing it.

Website: Roger Gateson