discovered a particular interest in set designing and decoration for stage productions during my working career as a teacher of English and drama. In retirement this interest combined with a life-long appreciation for architecture, colour and design and I began painting in acrylics.
I have studied at Forum Art under Nikola Bjelajac 2000-03; Dan Gregg 2004; and Michelle St. Hillier- 2015. On-line sessions with Nicholas Wilton have also been wonderful experiences. Recently I mainly have been alternating between realistic and stylized interpretations of local landscapes.

Painting has become, for me, a lens through which I see the world. My eyes have been opened as it were, and it is a joy to try to capture and then to share what I have experienced. I am in awe of the beauty and uniqueness found in the world around me. Painting offers the opportunity to combine my interest in design, colour and architecture. The natural settings of the forest and the shores of Lake Winnipeg, and sometimes the urban environment of Winnipeg, provide both inspiration and subject matter. The ultimate goal is to share my observations and reactions to the environment around me with you.

I have shown my work at in-home art shows, at Forum Art Student Exhibitions, at the Wayne Arthur Gallery, and on Boreal shores Art Tours (2018, 2019 and 2022) and in the 2022 OJCE.

As I continue to pursue skill and sensitivity, I am aware that joy, wonder, surprise, or sorrow can be communicated best when first it has been internalized, whether in life or in art. I make art for the great pleasure it gives me, and the opportunity it gives to share that pleasure with others, Knowing that some pieces are being enjoyed long after purchase is very gratifying.

Website: https://rogergateson.weebly.com/