Inspired by Nature……Art Photography by Shirley Kurian.

Shirley feels that Art Photography gives her:
. options
. choices
. possibilities
. adventures
. stories
. fun
. get to meet interesting people
. get to see interesting places
. Photography forces her to grow as a person

Shirley combines her love of nature and her passion for taking photos is to create Art Photography for others to enjoy. Her desire is to create unique and interesting photos that tell a story. Shirley has been using her creative ability for years while working as a
hairstylist. She has heard a million stories , and she likes to use
her photos…. to tell stories. After all ….a picture is worth a
1000 words, but the memories are priceless!

Shirley’s desire is to “Find Beauty in All Things” and photography
allows her to capture this beauty in a creative way. Her work is a
result of trial and error. She enjoys shooting anything that catches
her eye and that she finds interesting. Her purpose for taking /making photos is to make something creative, through a blend of seeing, experiencing, interpreting, and expressing her view of her world.

Shirley’s love of nature, wildlife and travel inspires her to capture
and create Art Photography. Her images allow her to capture the moment and tell a story without using words. The outdoors is her passion and photography is her obsession. When she travels, the goal at the end of her trip, is to have a collection of images to tell a story and convey the feelings of the location she visited. Travel is one of the things you can’t put a price tag on!

Shirley is always searching for something unique to shoot …..whether a misty morning lake scene or a stunning red sunrise/ sunset. She never knows what unusual collection of images she can create on any given day and the outcome is always exciting ! Her motto is to “Find Beauty in All Things” and to share it.
Shirley hopes that you come to visit on the tour and that you Enjoy!

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