Ever since Shirley was a young girl growing up in the Boreal Shores forest of the hamlet of Prawda, Manitoba she has been captured by nature at its pinnacle of glory. Seeing beauty in all things has been an evolving life passion over the years for Shirley. Though photography has been her primary focus of expression, she has a fluid imagination to where her adventurous side takes on new and varying mediums such as alcohol ink, fiber art, acrylics, water colour and gardening.

Over the recent years Shirley has expanded her creative interests to include abstract and digital techniques in her photography. Her belief and purpose of Art Photography is a blending of seeing, experiencing, interpreting and expressing her world view of, “Finding Beauty in All Things.”

Shirley approaches her work through the lens of her camera in the kind and thoughtful manner that encompasses her entire way of life.

Currently Shirley is living in the beautiful Boreal Shores Forest based in the Lac du Bonnet area on two acres of water front forested land on Pinawa Bay. Here she and her husband Glen have created an amazing piece of art over the past two decades in the forest in which their home is situated. They have created an expansive breathtaking garden amongst the rocks, ravines, towering pines, poplars and birch trees and created the most surprising artistic ‘discoveries’ along the paths they have built. Here they accomplished the great challenge of maintaining the nature and art balance with consistency to the geographical indigenous habitat of the many species of plant life that flourish along their abounding pathways designed out of the natural terrain of their land, all inspired by Shirley’s artistic flair. It has been said that the great challenge of the garden designer is not to make the garden look natural, but to make the gardens so that the people who walk its paths will feel natural and at peace in the garden that balance brings. That has clearly been accomplished as one walks these paths or stops to rest on a strategically places stairs or benches along the way. A natural feeling of being at ease can be felt in all of Shirley’s art regardless of the medium she uses. She has a natural sense of that fragile balance of shadow and light, abstract and real, strong and subtle and she finds beauty in unexpected places whether it be at home on her daily outdoor walks and unexpected encounters with wild life, her travels around the world or sitting in her picturesque screened porch. She has that exceptional capacity to capture the rare split second moments when her camera and life’s moments witness the perfect moment of soul restoring beauty. Shirley ” Finds Beauty in All Things.”

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