I combine my love of nature and my passion for taking photos to create Photography Art for others to enjoy. My desire is to create unique and interesting photos that tell a story. I have been using my creative ability for years while working as a hairstylist. I have heard a million stories, and I like to use my photos to tell stories. After all…a photo says a thousand words.

My desire is to “Find Beauty in All Things” and photography allows me to capture this beauty in a creative way. My work is a result of trial and error. I enjoy shooting anything that catches my eye and that I find interesting. My purpose for taking photos is to make something creative, through a blend of seeing, experiencing, interpreting and expressing my view of the world.

My love of nature, wildlife and travel inspires me to capture and create Photography Art. My images allow me to capture the moment and tell a story without using words. The outdoors is my passion and photography my obsession. When I travel, the goal at the end of my trip, is to have a collection of images that tell a story and conveys the feeling of the location I visited.

I am always searching for something unique to shoot….whether a misty morning lake scene or a stunning red sunset. I never know what unusual collection of images I can create on any given day and the outcome is always exciting. I want to “Find Beauty in All Things” and to share it.
Hope you Enjoy!