Welcome to the many interesting artists who will participate in the 2018 Boreal Shores Art Tour. Each artist has submitted an application along with a minimum of 5 images of their work.   An independent jury has assessed each application to ensure the quality of the work is such that the public will enjoy and appreciate the talent being presented.   Feel free to browse and enjoy!

Nancy Lou Ateah / Water colour painting/ Victoria Beach

Janine Bergamot  / Jewelry – metal / Hadashville / northsunstudio.com

Annie Bergen / Paintings / murals/ mosaics /Whitemouth/ artbyannie.ca

Arlene Bohn / Acrylic and watercolour painting, glass art / Pinawa

Margaret Brook /Fibre artist/ Birch River

Herb Burlock / Knife crafter / East Shore of Lake Winnipeg

Janice Charko / Fibre art / Lac du Bonnet / flightsoffibre.com

Mary Louise Chown / Mixed media / River Hills / marylouisechown.com

Rick Cline / Oil painting / Seven sisters Falls

Anita Schewe Drabyk / Watercolour, photography / Pinawa

Lian Drabyk / Photography/ Pinawa

Demi- Raine Enns / Pencil, charcoal, oils and mixed media/ Lac Du Bonnet

Eleonore Esau / Paintings/ Albert Beach

Corrine Flaws/ Photography, paintings/  Victoria Beach

Chris Ford / Photography / Victoria Beach / chrisfordphotographics.com

Jane Gateson/ Paintings/ Victoria Beach

Roger Gateson / Acrylic painting/ Victoria Beach

Dennis Graham / Woodworking/ Pinawa/djgrahamwoodworks.com

Denise Gray / Pebble Art/ Lakeshore Heights/ PebbleArtbyDenise.com 

Pam Habing / Mixed media abstract / pamelahabing.com

Bill Habke / Pottery/ Pinawa

Laura Hilland / Jewelry / Victoria Beach

Stu Iverson / Photography / Pinawa / borealimages.ca

Brian Knockaert / Wood turnings / Pine Falls

Margaret Korlak / Mixed Mediums – oil, watercolour, inks, acrylic, collage, fibre / Whitemouth

Grace Kost (Robert) / Giclee prints of oil and acrylic paintings / Lac du Bonnet

Shirley Kurian / Photography / Pinawa Bay

Roberta Laliberte / Acrylic, watercolour, water/alcohol inks, graphite &
charcoal, pastels, canvas & paper, collage / Pine Falls

Dianne Lund / Acrylics, fibre, mixed media, watercolour, alcohol ink / Rennie

Alex Martin/ Photography/ Victoria Beach

Trish Richardson Mason/ Oil and acrylic painting/ Victoria Beach

Marilyn McNish / Acrylic painting on canvas / Manigotagan /pixels.com/profiles/marilyn-mcnish

Brigid Meakin /often upcycled: fused glass, stained and mosaic glass works/ Hillside Beach

Chrissy Sie-Merritt/ Painting, drawing/ East Braintree

Rick Merritt/ Wood working/ West Hawk Lake

Barbara Metrycki/ Water colour paintings/ Sandy Bay

Bernice Phillips / Tole painting on glass / Powerview-Pine Falls

Pinawa Art Gallery / Wide variety of art / Pinawa / pinawaartgallery.ca

Barbara Pritchard / Fibre / Victoria Beach

Richard Robertson/ Photography/ Seven Sisters Falls

Robert Scurfield / Acrylic paintings / Victoria Beach

Rosemary Scurfield  / Fused Glass / Victoria Beach

Diane Silverthorne/ Photographer/ Hillside Beach

George Tanner / Acrylic and watercolour paintings / Falcon Lake

Brigitta Urben /Pottery / East Braintree

Roy Ward / Woodturning, woodwork / Whiteshell